One of the #1 salesmen in the country. "One a day, everyday, is a good day." In the last 12 months, I have retailed 310 Units, which I have been told is among the highest in the country. Dean Sampano trained me from scratch and has been the #1 empowering force behind my success.

Moses O'Neal

Awards for Salesman of the Year. "Dean Sampano message can change your life and his training has been the foundation of my success!"

James Marlow, Barrie Honda

Award Salesman of the Year. "Mr. Dean Sampano picked me out of a room of over 50 applicants. Even though I had no sales experience, he believed in me, trained me and I went on to be the top sales person in my store for the last two years in a row."

Mike Meredith, Newmarket Honda

#1 Volume Award for Sales Excellence. "I met Dean Sampano almost 7 years ago and he has been a critical factor in my success from the start. I cannot imagine how my results may have varied without his personal dedication to my career."

Joseph Alshurafa, Oakville Lexus

Sales Person of the Year. Recently I retired from the police for after 26 years of service. I have always people so I attended one of Dean Sampano's Seminars and I mastered the principles he taught me and in my first year I became the #1 Money Makers in my dealership….

Joe Miched, Hogan Chev Olds

Award of Excellence. "I arrived from Hong Kong with no service and sales experience and in my first year with Dean Sampano as my coach, I went on to be the #1 volume sales person in our dealership. Without Dean, I would not be successful in my career!"

Norman Chung, Mississauga Toyota

I attended One of Dean Sampano's selling seminar where I learned the science of success and selling and in my first year I became the top sales person in my dealership. Then within 3 years I went on to double my income and later become the General Sale Manager.

Larry Lappoint. GSM, General Motors

I have been in business for a number of years and I thought I had seen it all but after attending Dean Sampano success and selling seminar he gave me skills that I will never forget.

Shane Talabe, Ontario Chrysler

I entered the business in 1993 and it was changing but when I when to Mr. Sampano it changed my whole life. I am presently one of Top 10 earners in Canada thanks to Dean Sampano.

Mario Telarico. Woodbine Pontiac.

I have worked in the UK selling for a number of years and I have seen every selling seminar offered there but never have I seen the advanced skills that Dean Sampano teaches. With his help I have become the #1 Producer!

Andy Martin, European Auto Sales

I met Dean Sampano over 10 years ago and I have attended his seminars when ever possible for his techniques have played a major roll in helping me to become one of the top performers in my store.

Adel George, Woodbine Pontiac

I had no experience in sales what so ever. I never even considered getting into service and sales person but with Dean Sampano's support and training I went on to become the one of the top producer in the Industry.

Jennifer MoonFoxy, Business Manager, Toyota

Dean Sampano trained me from the very first day and with his help I have been the #1 sales person in my dealership for the 5 years in a row!

Burt Townsend, Toyota

Without a doubt, Dean Sampano is #1 Trainer in the Country! He has helped me move my company from the bottom to the top and I can only tell you that if you follow his techniques you will be successful.

The Late Great Steve Nash, General Manager - Newmarket Kia

Over the last year Dean Sampano spoke to our Degree Students and the response to his message was overwhelming. He was inspiring and his message will not doubt last the test of time. I believe any company could greatly benefit from the message he shared with us.

Jack Brown.
Professor, Georgian College
The Canadian Automotive Institute.

My sales employee's loved Dean Sampano's course and I believe the principles he teaches can change the direction of any company.

Amin Tejani, General Sales Manager, Don Valley Lexus Toyota
#1 Toyota Dealer in Canada


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